Users should be able to use templates available on other servers

Here is scenario:

  1. We have Kalli linux on some servers, but not all
  2. When user cannot find the template on specific server, they thing it is not available
  3. We could create functionality to search all the templates on available servers, and let user to copy the OS template to the machine they want
  4. This would allow us to have more ‘exotic’ templates, which would not need to be copied to each server as they are rarely used

When user select server, we show the missing non-dd-standard templates on that server. There is no way to do this on the fly with so many servers, we need that list of templates at hand - probably a saved list from a discovery cron job to make sure it’s truthful to the reality, not humanly maintained.

User can submit a request. System will try to handle it. Once system does, whoever submitted the request, shall be warned about on the DD UI so they know the template is in transit as he requested.

A request list serves for logging, also prevents double requests for the target server from same or different users and potentially it should copy from the same data center server.

I was thinking of something, can’t we have market-place for templates? like where everyone can search through different types of templates and clone it. e.g. like there is a template of MERN Stack Ubuntu, or LAMP stack CentOS.

Also it will be useful if user can submit their own customized template and we at backend can review the templates and approve them.

There is a separate ticket for it. Not sure whether we should combine it. OS/Templates are Public anyway. Images will be created and maintained by community. So Legal/Process is different. I would guess there is still a lot of things to share, but in community based approach we need to be very careful of security. In OS/Templates it is not a concern.

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This is the original ticket for this request, it wasn’t categorised in Trac correctly, so never migrated across as a DD Forum Ticket