Super admin can assign course to a machine

Kamil Baran:-

Why we need it?

  1. Because we know better what is the best machine for the course. We know what the trainer is going to do during the course, and we know the hardware configuration (cheap server or server optimized for heavy computations).
  2. Because we want to run stress tests to see how the server will handle the real-life load - our courses (i.e. I want to run all courses planned for someday on one single server)
  3. Because it will give us more useful data to improve the existing algorithm.
  4. Because we don’t want to ask the trainer to use this or that server.
  5. Because even if we create a fresh start in behalf of the trainer (many times it’s not possible), he can delete it and system will most probably recreate it on a different server.

How it should work?

  1. Super admin should see an additional field (sever) in the course edit form. The field should have a list of available servers.
  2. If the fresh start is already created the setting should be accepted, but fresh start should be left as it is (super admin can move the fresh start or recreate it).
  3. When creating a fresh start, the server should be already selected, and the edit should not be possible.