New feature - Much improved copy and paste functionality between your PC and the DD Desktop

DaDesktop Course (DD4T) and Work (DD4W) desktops are a great addition to remote working, but the original clipboard was an annoying sticking point for some. Previously, the browser security model meant that copying and pasting from your PC to inside a browser window was very difficult, and workaround solutions were not particularly elegant or easy to use.

Improved clipboard copy and paste was one of the most requested features from our course delegates and users of DD4W so we decided to take another look at what more could be done.

Fortunately a new clipboard API is available for many of the mainstream browser engines (currently except Safari, Firefox). This means that first class clipboard usage is now available in most browsers. eg Chrome, Edge, Opera.

When you connect to your Course or Stand-alone Desktop, a pop up similar to that shown below will appear. Click 'Allow’ . NB Images cannot be copied to the clipboard when using DaDesktop currently.


If you click the small clipboard icon on the right hand side of the address bar, you can change the clipboard settings for this site


Usage is pretty simple

  • On Windows VM Desktop, use clipboard copy and paste as usual from your PC, ie Windows or Linux
  • On Linux VM Desktop, Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V is used for copying and pasting (Right click ‘Paste’ option doesn’t appear)
  • On a Mac host, copy as usual and press Shift + Ctrl + V, or mouse middle click, to paste.

Note for users of incompatible browsers, such as Firefox, IE or Safari, you can still use the original clipboard tool.


We did find a few small instances where the clipboard didn’t work fully. When using a Windows DaDesktop machine, it worked flawlessly with no issues.

When pasting into a Linux Desktop, we found that pasting into LibreOffice did not work, and paste was not offered as an option when right clicking, therefore just use Ctrl-X, C and Ctrl-V to cut, copy and paste as required. Pasting into a Pluma Linux terminal did not work, but this is fixed by using a different terminal ie xfce-terminal instead. sudo apt install xfce-terminal will install this.

Please get in touch with us if you require further support with this feature.

We are working to improve this feature further, and expect to have fixes for most of the remaining small issues mentioned in the notes available soon.

Please check on the forum for further updates.