New feature - Improvements to Overcommitting warnings for trainers

This feature is only available in: DaDesktop Private Server (DDPS), DaDesktop On-Premise (DDOP) only.

Previously as highlighted the system would alert if there were not enough resources for CPU, memory and disk space during creation of VM’s in course creation.

IE If the course as created would mean that the CPU resource required is too high, a warning just for this parameter will be created on screen, making it much easier for the trainer to know what was causing the over resourcing issue compared to before. This has now been improved so that a warning is created instead specifically for each parameter. See below for an example of the new warning.

In this case, the machine would need to be migrated to another server, reduced in size or to have overcommit co-coefficients changed in the server config.

If for example, over resourcing is happening with both CPU and disk space, then two warnings will be provided as they occur, so the trainer is much more aware of the boundaries that they need to work within.

Additionally, this also makes it simpler to make use of the temporary increasing of overcommitted co-efficients as a last resort, as only the parameter(s) that are causing the problem can be increased if necessary.

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