New Feature - Consent of the trainer when recording starts

Is this some sort of ‘law abiding agreement’ thingy, to let trainer to agree thing?

training room has ‘record’ button so trainer know starting recording or stopping recording, right?

I think the consent needs to be explicit. Also, tickbox: “Can we publish the course online” would be nice.

2 cases I can see

  1. dadesktop recording in DD4T
  2. training room recording - not sure how? inside training room maybe. Leo is the guy to implement this I say. As just a checkbox by default checked, I don’t think we really need to make a explicit “check” required thing
  1. If there is no “refuse” option, then this is just a message pop-up thingy for the recording in the room and the recording in the DD4T app and a simple “Got it”/“OK” with or without both are fine I think.
    Unless…if you want to allow “refuse”, then it gets complicated. @bszlachta

  2. Are we tracking the “consent”? If so, it also complicates things. Better leave it to my 3 point.

  3. Just add this to “privacy agreement” in the sign-up or a checkbox just for consent giving NobleProg to recording for training.