New Feature - Audio now supported on DaDesktop VM's

A recently introduced new feature is the use of audio within DD4T - DaDesktop For Training.

This will open up many more possibilities of the types of courses and subjects that can be taught, and the general capabilities of DaDesktop, either Cloud DD4T, on Premise DDOP, or using a private DD node.


The audio mode is shown by the loudspeaker icon at the bottom left of the VM. Sound can be enabled and disabled by clicking on and off as required. When the icon is shown in green this indicates the audio is available.

For example, some ideas or examples of courses that could now be run include :-

  • Audio Signal Processing for Music Applications

  • Audio/Video editing courses

  • Psychoacoustics

  • Digital Sound Processing

  • 3D Sound, Pre-processing and Post-processing of audio and video

  • Music production

  • Transcription services in the cloud

To work with sound on your DaDesktop VMs, you will need a template that has been tweaked and optimised to enable audio.

The audio templates currently only support audio out, ie the use of speakers in the VM but audio in/line in ie use of a mic with a VM is not yet supported.

Although standard templates are now available enabling the use of audio out of the box, if you have a particular requirement that does not work with the audio templates mentioned above, the following documentation will be of interest which explain the technical details in putting them together.

Please get in touch if you have any further queries.

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