Need to add API so that Recordings can be migrated from one server to another

In DD4T Admin there is a very useful tool that allows migrations of Desktops from one server to another if for example a server is decommissioned or set up in another datacentre.

Any Recordings for courses also need migrating in this case, same as courses

Admin migration and user can “move” to other server which is “migration” as well. There is a UI for user.

Because it seems possible that it doesn’t always need to move the recordings together with the server. Without changing existing migration API, I suggest we have a new API to move recording to another server. It is triggered by end user, it’s desktop-based, like migration, a task.

So this API on tpapi level does one thing - move recording of one desktop to another server.

On UI level, it’s opt-in.

@xiongpeng what do you think

I prefer a Individual API. It is more flexible, so the UI can change logics at any time.