Improvement - Create more text content/layout on homepage for SEO purposes

Currently, although the DD home page looks good, it has hardly any indexable text content on the home page, so is quite poor in terms of SEO.

The video is great, so I would definitely keep that, but I think the page needs some text sections and images. As a simple idea something like the site would be work, ie keep the main video, then some descriptive feature text panels, then panels with images. Fairly standard layout. Something for Google to latch on to.

Quick Ideas

  • About what DD is ?
  • Examples
  • Features
  • Benefits of using DD
  • Forum, new features, feature requests, report issues
  • Blog link, description (as this is updated very often by Maria Lesko)

Can keep simple to start with, just to get some searchable text on home page, then expand upon this in a more structured way