Feature Request - Sharing DaDesktop recordins make easy (on Linkedin, Youtube, etc...)

Logo and link to original recording should be here:-

  • LInkedin
  • Youtube
  • Twitte
  • Facebook, Weixin

This is only CC websockify recording?

Couple of things about this recording

  1. The UI to play the record sucks like no match. Need a total revamp
  2. It’s just link , nothing more. There is no other way, due to how websockify records it
  3. I assume this is trainer desktop CC recording? Then do we need consent from him to publish to the public
  4. By logo, I assume you mean NobleProg Logo?
  5. Do we need to review it, what if the recording contains illegal information or abusive language, textual or verbal or graphical…for the public eye

Focus on Screen recording for now (Jitsi recording can be added later on, including upload to youtube, etc…)

  1. Yes
  2. we need to handle it
  3. Yes
  4. DaDestkop (a NobleProg Company) should be added to all the videos, both played and exported
  5. Not for now, later yes