Feature Request - Merge user accounts

We have a mess in user accounts and a lot of accounts that should disappear.
I understand why deleting is forbidden, but merging should be a good solution.

Why we need it?

  1. Every time when we do a demo for the customer we are creating fake accounts.
  2. Users/participants are creating accounts on their private and corporate accounts accidentally. After that they need to switch between them (one course on each accound or they are joining twice to the same course).

How it should work?

  1. Super admins should have it with no restrictions. So super admin finds the first account, then clicks on “merge accounts” and it needs to type (or paste) email address of the second account (that should be removed/merged). Entire history and all desktops of the second account should be moved to the first one. This one is important.
  2. Users can do it for themselves. This might be nice to have but it can wait.