DaDesktop: Create Marketplace for Images

Bernard Szlachta:-

  • Trainer can save (initial for free) a template (image) of a destkop
  • Trainer can make it publically available
  • Other people can browse and find the image they require
  • Image can also be sold, trainer can set up a price which we will pay them if other system use their images

Wang Hao:-

I guess we don’t want bad template but only template from our trainer, correct? Then this is only for DD, not DD4T because only DD has ‘real’ trainer from HR? (Though another more profitable approach might be ‘marketplace’ for everybody, not limited to trainer, then we need some certifying process in place to avoid ‘illegal’ template published)

Regarding price paid back to the template owner, is the so-called price set in credits? When it is paid, is this credits being deducted from user credits accounts and move to the template owner credits account ASAP or Not until it is confirmed after the template is verified to be usable. here is some foreseeable scenarios:

  • go to template owner credits account directly
  • owner can see the credits his template is making and decide what to do with the credits(maybe convert to money?)
  • how to handle when the template is bad and the payer wanted his credit back.

Bernard Szlachta :-

In the first step we don’t focus on billing but on:

  • Making templates available in every region (how to copy it)
  • Publishing templates, browsing, searching, etc…
  • Billing will be handled if people start using these templates