Bug Report - Need to ensure lock screen is disabled in Centos templates (and all others)

Comment from one of our trainers :-

It is very easy to end up with the lock screen in my Centos8 VM. It works like this: For some reason, VNC seems to think that the control or alt key is pressed; I hit a few keys and inadvertently hit the screen lock. At this point, I can only get back into the Desktop if I know the password. This happened to me right now; luckily (thanks to earlier bad experience) I had changed the password. Had I not done that, the only way to get back to the Desktop would be by rebooting it. So, a solution for people who bring up the screen lock would be great.

It shouldn’t be possible to enable the screen lock, for the reasons you describe. The screen lock should be disabled by default because of the unhelpful behaviour that can occur as you highlight.

Screen lock needs to be disabled for Centos and all other templates (Ubuntu) etc