Bug : Course when moved to another server/DC doesn't show up on new server's Future Courses, also Course details page still show old server

Admin Interface

The course was originally created in nu14de, then it was moved to bl3de. But apart from the small type next to the delegates VM’s most other references still show the original Nu14 server, including the Future Courses.

Please see screenshots. It seems that server/dc references to the change need to be updated if changed.


Not a bug.

Future course is using the datacenter of the course which is not going to change itself if the server moves to different DC like in this case.

So, what happened is by-design.

I think you can close this ticket.

If future course has to take into account of the reality to provide a more informed yet never-perfect projection, please create a new ticket and we can discuss there.

I appreciate keeping track of Desktop movements across DCs would be complex and probably not fully needed.

I’m hoping that we need to do less moving vms from one DC to another anyway, as often this was done due to performance reasons, or the wrong DC chosen in the first place

Just to make sure we are on the same page since “course” dates way back…

The course DC setting only serve as information and default recommendation when user is creating the FS. User is not limited by this DC the course is set to. So moving to any server/DC as they want. Hence the course DC is not trustworthy. Neither is the projection regarding future courses. Since it’s the “future”, it doesn’t bother where FS desktops or servers are because they can change.