Announcing DaDesktop Virtual GPU capability for Windows and Linux Desktops

We’ve been asked numerous times if we can present courses using DaDesktop that require accelerated graphics stacks ie 3D applications, such as CAD applications eg CATIA, Cortona or SketchUp, Gaming engines such as Unity and Machine Learning applications.

Because of the complications in offering a full hardware graphic accelerated stack virtually, this has not been easily available previously. With our Linux guest machines in DaDesktop we can already provide some limited support for virtualised accelerated graphics stack within the guest using LLVMpipe, but providing similar solutions for Windows Desktops within DaDesktop has been more difficult.

We’ve been working hard on a new feature that exposes the vGPU capability within Intel Server graphic chipsets using their Graphics Virtualisation Technology GVT-G capabilities. Basically this means that an entire accelerated graphics capability can be provided in Windows and Linux Desktop machines with very few compatibility issues.

Currently, we are rolling out the infrastructure for these new server types, so vGPU capabilities will be more widely available early next year.

Please contact us for further details.

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